Sider v6.4.1 by Juce | PES 2020

Sider is a companion program for PES 2020 and PES 2020 Lite. It allows for small tweaks - such as "free side-select" (which is where sider gets its name from), and time expander for the demo version. It also facilitates game mods, created by the modding community. The two main features are LiveCPK and the scripting engine, where you can write your own mods in Lua programming language.

LiveCPK makes it possible to replace game content at run-time with content from files stored on disk, instead of having to pack everything into CPK-archives. (This feature is similar to Kitserver's AFS2FS and to FileLoader for earler versions of PES). Depending on how and when exactly the game reads the replaced files, you can even live-edit some things, like textures or 3D models, without exiting the game.

If you know a little bit how to program, you can write your own game logic using Sider's scripting engine. This requires some reading and understanding of how the game works, but it's really not that hard ;-) See scripting.html - for detailed documentation on that.

SIDER 6 ~ Release History

May 2, 2021
- fix for problem introduced in version 6.4.0 with overlay disabled (overlay.enabled = 0), sider was causing immediate game crash.

April 12, 2021
- "input-blocking" feature

August 8, 2020
- fix for "set_stadium" event not firing for some leagues/cups

July 17, 2020
- can now change number of substitutions in any match

June 6, 2020
- support for 1.07.00 exe
- new function in memory lib: safe_search

April 22, 2020
- rebuilt with modern compiler suite - Visual Studio 2019
- dropping dependency on xinput1_3.dll
- ctx.kits.get and ctx.kits.get_gk now return unicolor attributes
- livecpk_data_ready event gets another parameter: cpk_filename

March 6, 2020
- bi-direction cycling through modules in overlay via gamepad
- documentation corrections and updates

March 5, 2020
- support for 1.05.00 exe
- bi-directional cycling through modules in overlay
- improvement for "get_stadium_name" event - to better
  work with the schedule bar in Master League

February 25, 2020
- bug-fix: a Lua module using "match" library could cause crashes
  in some circumstances. This has been fixed now.

February 14, 2020
- corrections for kit attributes: ChestNumberY, NameY
- bug-fix: non-ASCII filenames are supported now by audio lib
- overlay toggle plays when toggled on/off by gamepad

January 30, 2020
- bug-fix: if overlay was disabled in sider.ini, then any attempt
  to play a sound play audio lib would crash the game.
  (Thanks predator002 for bug report!)
- minor documentation fixes

January 29, 2020
- audio library to play music and sounds (MP3/WAV/FLAC)
- all dependencies statically linked into sider.dll: no external DLLs needed
- new HTML documentation
- experimental match stats library

January 9, 2020
- support for 1.03.02 game exe
- statically linking zlib 1.2.11

December 19, 2019
- support for PES 2020 Lite
- new feature in memory library: memory.guard

November 29, 2019
- support for 1.02.02 game exe

November 6, 2019
- support for 1.02.01 game exe

October 25, 2019
- support for 1.02.00 game exe
- small fix for "" function
- caching logic simplified

October 4, 2019 "Sputnik" release
- support for kit manipulation (via "kits" table in context)
- new "one-click launch" way of running the game with sider
- performance optimizations and misc fixes

October 2, 2019
- support for 1.01.02 game exe

September 20, 2019
- trophy-server with example trophies
- correction for "stadium_choice" event and context member

September 13, 2019
- updated to work with full game, demo is no longer supported
  (last version compatible with the demo: 6.0.1)
- option support

August 13, 2019
- most of Lua scripting engine is supported (except for "kits"), including overlay
- camera module with Fanview camera controls and replays on/off switch
- new event: "set_match_settings" - allows to enable extra time and penalties,
  as well as set difficulty to 6 (Legend?)

August 2, 2019
- support for setting number of match minutes to more than 5