PES Editor 0.11.3 by ejogc327 | PES 2021


- If you import new teams in Teams.bin, the game can't create EDIT file. You'll need create EDIT file with the new teams manually or importing in EDIT file too.

- The CSV files can be separated by semicolon or tabulation, but must be *.csv.

- The CSV files must be UNICODE or UTF-8 to get special characters.

- In EDIT mode, can't create players with any Id. It must be higher than 2147483648 (0x80000000).

- The Overall values for the players are different. I use my own formula to calculate them.

- To import the order don't matter, but the headers do. You can't change them.

PES Editor 2021 

This tool works to edit data base for:
- PES 2021 PC
- PES 2020 PC
- PES 2019 PC
- PES 2018 PC & PS4
- PES 2017 PC & PS4

This version works for:
Bin files: From Dt10.cpk and Dt0.cpk (PlayerAppearances.bin before Dt36.cpk). Don't need decompress each bin file.


  1. Respuestas
    1. necesitas hacer una donación al creador en

  2. Después de instalar el dlc 2.0 los cambios no se ven reflejados en el juego, una lástima.

    1. el dlc no incluye actualización de plantillas, fue un error de konami

  3. Scam money maker creator. We need a offline editor.

    1. Sorry bro but I only share the file, please leave a message on his personal blog


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